January 12, 2015


Okay, what would you like to see on here?
I'm thinking to write about my travels to different bars, talk about the beers, etc. I would also like to introduce the various people involved in Japanese craft beer, in some way or another. The people behind the beers, as it were. Also breweries, beer festivals, events, and so on.
I'll try to keep things un-opinionated but it might involve a few opinions as to where I feel things are going right or wrong. I don't want to be a serious news site or professional commercial site that HAS to appease sponsors or advertisers. I don't have an agenda, unless you include hoping for better craft beer. Just a guy, blogging about beer. Sharing the joy and spreading the word.
I'm thinking of adding a simple rating system for places such as marks out of 4 or 5 for thing such as price, ambiance and atmosphere, selection, quality, service and food. This way, users can search for places, beers or reviews using these labels or terms.
I'll try to add easily searchable labels such as smoking, area, price, wifi, cover charge, etc.

Something I would love to see would be your input in the form of comments. Please feel free to comment away and I will do my best not to delete any of them, as long as they are constructive (hey, flaming me might be constructive and is not necessarily grounds for deletion so go at it, hoss).

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